How Do You Deal With Discouragement?


You know those really down days when you’re just miserable, everything sucks and you just want to tell everyone to…well you know.   Yeah that.   I recently had one of those.   I hit a bump in my path. Not big enough to send me off the road, but enough…

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Maybe This Is The Story I Should Tell


This is one of my most vulnerable posts. With all there is to discuss in the world today, it wasn’t the plan to share my personal story, but it wanted to be told. My hope is that my journey will somehow inspire your own!  The earth has been calling me…

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How To Hang On To Your Sanity During Election Season


I’m not naive enough to think this election isn’t gravely important for many obvious reasons, but this year I vowed early on to keep politics out of my social media.That, with a few other practices, have kept me from going bug-fuck insane. Even so, I found myself being drawn into…

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