Are Things Hard?

It’s hard. It’s so hard to change. I want to (insert desire here) but it’s too hard. I’ve heard these words countless times. For most of my life, I’ve used the same words to describe my own circumstances.

I was the Stress Queen. It was common to hear me say, “I’m so stressed!” “This is so HARD!” I believed I couldn’t change, it was too hard, or just impossible. I read the books, practiced Reiki, did yoga and meditation, but still developed multiple stress related conditions. I bought into stress measurement tests (which always confirmed my stress was off the scale), and believed it wasn’t my nature to be peaceful and happy.

A few years ago, something changed. Reading a book about the law of attraction, which focuses strongly on positive thoughts, I started playing around with my thinking. I was trying to attract more abundance in my life, but I experienced an astounding, unexpected side effect…I started feeling better! I was able to discontinue medications for anxiety, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and insomnia.

I found that I was living a better life, with no changes in external circumstances, all because I was thinking different thoughts! At the time I didn’t know it, but brain science backs this up.

What exactly is a thought? A thought is a pathway. If you’ve ever walked a path in the forest, you know it got there by repeated footsteps or critter steps, day after day. With repeated footsteps it stays easy to travel. So what are thoughts? Thoughts are the pathways in the forests of our brains!

Our thoughts make real, scientifically observable paths in our brains. Thoughts are neural pathways; nerve cells that connect electrically and chemically when we think. Keep repeating a thought and the brain kicks in a mechanism that protects that neural pathway, like putting up markers for the path in the forest, so we can easily find it. So how “hard” is it to think a thought? Why it’s like a little footstep, barely taking any energy at all, but continue making those footsteps and you’ve got your pathway.

How do we create new pathways? We start by picking any positive thought that has meaning to us, and consciously think that thought. If we repeatedly think the thought, it becomes a dominant pathway in the brain, easier and easier to find. Our body believes every thought we think, and creating more positive thoughts creates measurable positive changes in our bodies!

Is it hard? I believe when we say something is hard, what we really mean is a situation is painful, confusing or scary. Here is where life coaching comes in as a way to find the thoughts that are creating conflict and stress, dissolve them and replace them with thoughts that create wellness and peace.

Is it hard to think positive thoughts that will change our lives? It’s all about the pathway baby. It’s really not hard in the truest sense of the word. If we are looking for a better way of being, it’s totally possible, if we take one footstep at a time. Just ask the Stress Queen!

Are you ready to create your new pathways?

It’s not hard.

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