Are We Perfect? (Nicolas Cage)

You know those ads and commercials that star the perfect woman? You know…she is either drop dead gorgeous with that angry pout, or picture perfect pretty in her model home?

Flipping through a magazine rolling my eyes at the ads, I suddenly realized something. They were living PERFECT lives! They had

perfect manicures, perfect houses with perfect friends and perfect facial expressions.

Of course we know these models aren’t real. But there are millions of dollars, possibly billions, going to research to make sure we are paying attention to these ads. Many women struggle with the vague feeling they just don’t measure up and our media’s portrayal of women isn’t helping this.

Just take a look at the ads. From their expressions to their body language they are saying, “I am confident, self-assured, highly evolved, and PERFECT dammit. And I know it.”

Not only do they tell us how to look, we are given subtle cues telling how to BE; perfectly coiffed, styled, adorned and adored while we are perfectly working, socializing or cleaning our toilets.
We are supposed to have our s**t together, dammit! (The women in those ads certainly don’t have problems in THAT area.)

What really gets me are the ads featuring the “domestic” woman
. Her house is clean and organized, clothes folded or being folded, neat to the corners. She has a keen sense of odors she won’t allow in her home, perfect decorating sense, vigilant with germs, while keeping her entire family ridiculously well fed, emotionally balanced and harmonious. And…she is ALWAYS smiling. She is saintly patient with the Husband/Child/Dog that is interrupting her blessed perfection, unless of course she is expressing deep concern about odors or germs.

What is wrong with this picture!!!

I’d like to share with you a version of real life, from one of my movie faves,
Moonstruck. Picture the scene taking place with two would-be lovers on a chilly New York City street: a young, passionate Nicolas Cage pleading his case to an emotionally torn Cher as she continues to resist his forbidden love:

“We aren’t here to make things perfect! The snowflakes are perfect! The stars are perfect! Not us. Not us! We are here to ruin ourselves and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and die!”

So let’s love our messed up, messy lives and kitchens today. Let’s stop being ashamed, just for the moment, and allow ourselves to love all that’s around us exactly as it is, perfect in all of it’s imperfections.

Now about those @#$% period commercials

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