Celebration and Update!

Hello my faithful reader!

I’m celebrating today! Join me won’t you? Raise a glass! canstockphoto23954842

After a long sabbatical due to chronic illness, this past year I’ve been blessed with a reprieve and today is my launch day!


Anyone who knows me understands what an important day this is for me and what a long road it’s been to get here. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE HERE! I knew this day was coming but didn’t expect the energy of it to feel so GREAT! Dancing to Madonna here! 🙂 It also feels sacred, a re-committing to my path, and it feels fun, there’s good stuff ahead!

I founded my Life Coaching business 6 years ago, with my heart on fire to help women. I was just ending Martha Beck Life Coach Training, and the universe conspired to end my 20-year employment at Planned Parenthood. The local affiliate restructured and I suddenly found myself without a job! It was totally unexpected magic, and I went with it!

Those 20 years working with, and for, women at Planned Parenthood gave me a unique view of women’s lives, their lives, struggles, hopes, and despair. Women would share their lives in the safe environment Planned Parenthood provided and I listened to those women every day. I also worked with a stunning variety of strong, amazing women in those 20 years, and that with my thousands of hours helping women, beautifully prepared me to be a Women’s Life Coach.

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When I opened my own Life Coaching business, I LOVED it. I felt I’d finally found my purpose. What’s that saying? Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans?

Within a few years of starting my business, the chronic illness I was dealing with began to progress, and I steadily declined as the Doctors scratched their heads. I  progressed to the point of being almost bedridden with muscle dysfunction and cognitive problems, among many other symptoms. It affected my ability to write or to hold conversations without collapsing, and I had to stop coaching and writing. It broke my heart.

There were some dark days in those years, but something within me refused to give in. Along with dark days there were many more good days. I learned I was loved no matter what, that if I trusted, the universe would step up and respond with care, and how to receive with grace and gratitude. I kept self-coaching, meditating, and growing. I finally realized yes, it was important to serve, but the lesson was that my own healing had to take priority. I’d already done so much healing in my adult years, with depression, anxiety, co-dependancy, unhealthy relationships and body image, and I felt like I’d come so far. My soul knew there was more.

In 2014 I had a collapse so severe that for the first time, I went to the ER. It devastated me, and I started questioning whether it was worth living like that. I can’t say I was suicidal, but the thought scared the crap out me. I found a great therapist to help cope with chronic illness.  Together we discovered layers of trauma that I’d never identified, using a trauma release treatment called EMDR. I finally released trauma I’d been holding since I was a little girl.

During that time I gave up on Western medicine, which you can read about here. I started using essential oils topically and diffused them in my environment.I’d already learned to pace and radically rest, which I believe is one of the fundamental keys to healing, but I began a deeper practice of self-love and self-care. I practiced consciously loving every part of my body, from inside to outside, each body part, organ, and cell. I meditated on my body, listening to what it had to say, putting my hands on my body and giving it Reiki, every day. Over a period of several weeks I went through my entire body with that practice, and I still include part of the practice in my self-care routine. Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.18.44 PM

I don’t know if those changes were the turning point, but about a year ago I started improving.  I’m not fully functioning like a “normal” person, but I can write, converse, socialize, go shopping and life coach without knocking out my body and mind. I’ll never take walking for granted again!

So now, HERE I AM!

I’ve not only built this website, I’ve updated my business and I’m ready to serve my amazing tribe of women!

What I’ve been through in the past years has just made me an even better life coach, and I’m now available for a few women who are ready to get down to work and dig in.

I work with women experiencing a variety of issues, including:

Life Transitions/Divorce/Change

Stress/Burnout/Time Management

Work/Life/Family Balance

Relationship Issues

Health Issues/Chronic Illness


Body Image Issues


If you’ve ever considered hiring me as your Life Coach, now’s the time! Go here for your next steps. If it’s money holding you back, please contact me. Part of my mission is to help ALL women, and we’ll figure it out.

Thanks for being here and please let me know if there’s any way I can help you!


If you read my last newsletter, you know I’m manifesting a vehicle. (read here for that story and to learn 6 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s here!
Here are some things that I’ve noticed as focus on manifesting.

1. I’m still ambivalent. I’ve been waffling on purchasing a car, minivan or cargo van. A minivan or cargo van is closer to fulfilling my road trip dreams but for a few days, I was so frustrated I just wanted to get any wheels at all…I’m so OVER not having a vehicle! Every time I notice these thoughts I repeat, “I’m now manifesting my own vehicle.”

2. I have to keep reminding myself to make sure my language matches my intention! I’ve caught myself saying out loud that I NEED A VEHICLE. If you read my last article, you’ll know why that will short circuit good manifesting vibes!

3. I’m finding my challenges in the 6 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams are: Step #1. Get Crystal Clear, Step #2. Resolve Conflicting Thoughts, and especially Step #6. Let Go!

Writing that article has helped me notice how my mind works when I’m trying to manifest a dream.

I’ll keep you updated!



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