How Do You Deal With Discouragement?

You know those really down days when you’re just miserable, everything sucks and you just want to tell everyone to…well you know.


Yeah that.


I recently had one of those.


I hit a bump in my path. Not big enough to send me off the road, but enough to really rattle me.road-sign-1470302_1280


It involved government forms and check boxes, and how I’m defined on paper when it comes to my upcoming move.


‘Nuff said.


A conversation with a government employee had left me discouraged and depressed. I curled up on the couch, turned on Netflix and wallowed. I replayed the conversation, reviewing all the things I’d said wrong. The disconnect between my dream and the black-and-white system that can’t fit the square peg (me) in a round hole (the system) left me triggered in shame and anger.


A few times I heard the Universe whispering encouragement, (you’ll be ok, everything always works out) but for the most part, I wallowed.


The next day I decided on some coffee house therapy.


It was a $1.81 well spent.


Fueled with an excellent cup of Single Origin Guatemalan Fraijane, I pulled out my journal and started writing. Channeling really.


Here are the messages of faith I heard.


1. The Universe Provides. I know this for a fact. When I remember to focus my consciousness here, it never lets me down.


2. No circumstance, place or person is the Source of my Abundance. This is something that became part of my life paradigm when I was practicing John Randalph Price’s 40 Day Prosperity Plan, outlined in The Abundance Book.(Highly Recommended!) He writes as a Christian, but the principles are rich with the Universal Energy of Abundance. Number 5 has stuck with me: “Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Spirit within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.”


3. I’m on the right path, and the way will be provided.


4. Through life lessons, I’ve been so blessed to learn the definition of true abundance, manifestation and the law of attraction.


5. The vibration of my VERY THOUGHTS create my life!


6. Miracles ALWAYS occur to support my creative thoughts!


7. Staying in the energy of all of the above is the first, most important thing to DO.


As I journaled, I felt wonderful energy flowing through me. woman-1207671_1280
I consciously breathed in that energy and circulated it through my entire being.
The more I kept breathing in the positive energy created by what I’d written, the more the good feelings took hold and the negative, painful feelings were flushed out.


Deep breathing is an important defense against negativity!


I consciously centered myself in that life-giving energy of creative growth, instead of the life-stunting energy of negativity, fear, and worry.


I refused to picture myself in lack.




Of course, there was challenge from the ever-fearful ego. The negativity wanted to hang on from yesterday, but it was NO MATCH for the faith energy I was focusing on and circulating.


I continued to adjust my focus, shifting my attention to the good stuff I’d written.
I journaled, “OH I’m So BLESSED!”


I realized how blessed I am to have a little coffee money to be able to sit in this ridiculously abundant coffee shop! It was all total luxury.


I felt so, SO BLESSED, to be able to turn my depression and discouragement into HOPE AND GRATEFULNESS.


As I was sitting in the coffee shop, in all that miraculous abundance, I thought crossed my mind…HOW DARE WE NOT? It’s a gift of being human that we can respond with positive creative energy to this incredible universe.


How dare we not use our miraculous minds to make our lives better, to feel better, to create something better for ourselves? Yes, we all have struggles, I’m not saying that we just put on our rose-colored glasses, but it’s been said that if you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you have more than 75% of the world.  richerthan


Our soul’s first, most pure desire is to be alive here, to be warm, fed, sheltered and loved, and if we have that, we’re living in luxurious abundance.


I felt again this essential self of me. I love her. She is resilient and capable. She’s awake and serving the world, grateful to be on this earth. She’s the best of me, the part of me that survived, then learned to thrive in this life. The one that never gave up.


The dream ignites in full fire again, and burns away doubt and discouragement.

Everything I need for my journey is already in place.


If you’d like personal help with discouragement, I’m always here as an affordable women’s life coach!

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