I’m Manifesting A Miracle! – Six Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

I’m manifesting a miracle.

I am manifesting my own vehicle.
Timeline: NOW.

A few summers ago I lost my ability to drive, and sadly gave up my beloved Jeep.

I’m grateful for the volunteers graciously carting me around, but it’s just not the same as having my own wheels.

Now, after a wonderful partial recovery from chronic illness, I can drive again! (For the record, when I was officially disabled 6 years ago I could drive. I’m still technically disabled.)

I’m craving re-engagement with the outside world. vintage-1950s-887273_640


It’s time to be mobile again!


A miracle is just something that looks impossible, so here’s where the miracle comes in.

I live in abundance every day, but divorce and disability has left my credit score less than optimal. (#understatement)

This is where the rubber meets the road … if you’ll excuse my pun.

I talk a big game about trusting the Universe, that the Universe has our back, and that if we stay in the energy of abundance and faith, we open pathways for miracles.

So now, I’m going public sharing this manifesting miracle with you. I have to tell you; it’s pretty fucking scary for this introverted, perfectionist, codependent, approval-seeker.

I know I can’t just sit here on my couch and have my vehicle appear in the driveway. (Although knowing how the Universe loves joy, you never know!)

There are steps to this manifesting thing.


#1. Get Crystal Clear About Your Dream, and Write it Down.

I manifested my cozy living space by making a list of everything I was looking for in an apartment. One entry was, “a big enough kitchen.”

Here’s how it works though, the kitchen is big enough…for one person!

The underlying fabric of the Universe is precisely mathematical, like a computer. Be exact when you enter your program code.writing-923882_1280

Avoid future language or your dreams will always be off in the future! Instead of writing,“I will have my dream vacation,” write, “I am now manifesting my two-week vacation trip to Hawaii for August 2016.”

Also, avoid the words want or need.Repeatedly saying we want or need something will just attract more want and need!

When I could drive again, I kept saying, “I need a car.” I did manifest a car!  My daughter and I recently arranged that I’d borrow her van once a week to pick up our farm share at the local farmer’s market and run my errands.

I laughed realizing the Universe had provided exactly what I’d asked for. I’d manifested a vehicle all right, just not my own! And I still “need” a car, which I manifested by repeatedly saying I need a car.


#2. Resolve Conflicting Thoughts.

To be honest, I still have some lingering ambivalence. While losing my freedom has sucked, not having a car payment and other vehicle expenses has been great. It’s had me wavering.

That kind of ambivalent, hesitant or indecisive energy halts manifestation. I’ll be working on that.

The trick is to hold the dream in your mind, without “what if this, what if that, what if I can’t,”


#3. Consciously Activate Faith.

I’m opposed to having my gas lights turned off, so I’m consciously focusing on abundantly affording the vehicle.laughter-1532978_1280

I’m taking life coaching clients again, so that could do it.


I trust the Universe will provide the way.

Doing my monthly budget today I felt the constricting energy of fear and worry creeping in. Writing this blog has been a perfect reminder to choose faith. When I remembered to trust that the conditions are already here to manifest my miracle, I felt expansive and light.


#4. Stay in the Energy of Abundance, Not Obstacles.

Let yourself have a fun daydream about what you desire. Use all of your senses to imagine it as reality. Feel it in your body and emotions.

This abundant feeling is the energy that will attract your dream!

Stay focused on this instead of dwelling on all the reasons it can’t be done.

Focusing on obstacles blocks manifestation, and  hinders our ability to be co-creators with the Universe.

Even if we don’t believe in the law of attraction or Universal support, we limit our energy for creative problem solving in that state of mind.


#5. Take Action

While I believe it IS possible that my vehicle could miraculously appear, I’m still taking action.

Start with making a list of every small step that will move you towards your dream. On the left side of a piece of paper, draw a box. In the box write your current circumstances. On the right side of the paper, draw another box and write in your goal. Now starting from the left and working to the right, chart each baby step to get to your goal. A baby step could be as simple as a phone call.

Taking action, however small, is like throwing a tiny pebble into a lake, causing bigger and bigger ripples of forward momentum!stones-244244_1280

You can use this process with any dream. Martha Beck coaches call BIG dreams W.I.G.s … Wildly Improbable Goals.

I unexpectedly manifested my Life Coaching business in two weeks when I did the above chart in Life Coach Training!


#6. Let Go!

Follow all the previous steps, and then let it all go! Expect manifestation, but keep your energy light. Let go of doing it right and have fun with the process!

Disclaimer: Sometimes the Universe has something even better in store for us than what we’re imagining. Our dreams sometimes lead us to places we’d never dreamed of!

I’ll keep you in the loop, and in the meantime, I welcome good vibes towards manifesting my miracle!

P.S. One of my BIG dreams is to live and travel full time on the road. The pull has become so strong that I’ve spent a year researching the lifestyle and the rigs. Let’s just say, if the perfect rig with the perfect financial circumstance came up…



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