My Story

Have you ever had a moment you knew would change the course of your life?

That moment happened for me when my mother was dying from Alzheimer’s disease. Lying in bed tossing and turning one night, I realized she was only 25 years older than me, and in 25 years, I could be her. Suddenly life seemed short, and my heart was breaking knowing I hadn’t lived with enough joy or happiness. I’d experienced many roles as a woman…wife, mom, grandmother, caretaker, lover…explored my spirituality and sexuality…but I was still unhappy and unfulfilled.  It shook me up, and I knew in that moment my life would be changing.

I made a commitment to figure out a way to create the life I craved. No longer would I give up my precious life energy to anything, or anyone, that didn’t support my essential self. 

Once that decision was made, the universe conspired to support my healing. I fulfilled a longtime dream of completing Reiki Master level training, something I’d been putting off for 10 years. Soon after that, the opportunity showed up to become a Martha Beck life coach. I began to take baby steps to live from my true self, to learn joy, and to open to a journey of deep growth, self-awareness, and healing.

There just isn’t enough room here to tell you everything, but if we work together, I’d be glad to share. The journey never ends, and I continue to learn and grow on this healing path.

It’s my passionate desire to help other women find their way out of struggle and into a life of meaning, rest, and joy!

Photoshootmyeditsitting – Version 3A Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Mary Ellen Telesha completed an intensive program of training and certification with Martha Beck’s revolutionary life coach training. For her Certified Coach Listing on click here. She also holds a Master Level Usui Reiki Certification, with close to 20 years of Reiki experience. Before finding her calling as a Women’s Coach, she worked for 20 years as a patient care advocate for Planned Parenthood, an invaluable experience for understanding the rich and complex lives of women. Martha Beck’s book Finding Your Own North Star  was the catalyst that set her heart on fire for her own work as a Life Coach. You can learn more about Martha Beck’s work at



P.S. I love tequila, coffee, and meditation,Photoshootmyedittreebest

not necessarily in that order.

I also have a tendency to swear. A lot.

I’m a love partaker, mystic, philosopher, higher consciousness junkie, shaman, tree whisperer, truth detective, lover of all humanity and this beautiful universe with which we’ve been gifted.

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