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How Not To Hurt How Not To Hurt.*

Are you looking for a different approach to healing? Martha Beck coaches a client to help address and relieve a multiple chronic pain symptoms related to mind-body syndrome. A must for anyone who experiences chronic physical pain or has received a number of diagnoses related to mind-body syndrome. It’s also a powerful lesson in the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

$10. 60 minutes. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file.Transcript file included for download.

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Radical Relationship 911 Radical Relationship 911*

Do you wonder why relationships are so difficult? Surely some people have relatively easy, drama-free relationships…what do they know that you don’t?

This course will show you the way out of Relationship Hell, and it will point you toward a life where you don’t take things so personally, people don’t constantly disappoint you, and your every mood is not dependent on what others say or do.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s just a matter of taking responsibility for what you can impact and choosing whether or not to accept what you can’t.

$10. Three-session telecourse/1 hour each. Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

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End The Body Battle End The Body Battle: Feel Better IN Your body, Feel Better ABOUT Your Body*

Struggling with chronic pain, symptoms, or tension?

Tired of not liking your body?

Want to quit judging yourself so harshly and find some inner peace?

Join Master Mind-Body Coach Abigail Steidley for a class that will give you simple steps to end the battle with your body!

You’ll learn about the link between critical self-judgment and physical pain, as well as the destructive body image/weight gain cycle.

You’ll discover how to understand what your body is telling you via pain, tension, or weight gain. You’ll leave with a new clarity around the language your body speaks and how to decode its messages.

You’ll set down the weapons and pick up a new friend – your body!

$10. Single-session telecourse 75-minute recording. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file.

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Should I Stay Or Should I Go.*

There’s being in a relationship, there’s being single, and then there’s that nether land of a relationship in which both parties feel alone and confused.

This kind of limbo can go on for decades, with the question “Should I leave?” always in the back of your mind, rarely if ever spoken aloud.

In this session, Martha walks a client through her confusion and sadness into a place of greater self-understanding. This is key to breaking the stalemate of an “empty” relationship. Without having to change your partner, you too can get unstuck by clarifying your own desires and relationship patterns. Whatever happens after that–stay or go–will take you into greater harmony, peace, and love.

$10. Single 60-minute recording. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file. Transcript file included for download.

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Martha Beck on Money One on One With Martha Beck: Money.*

Martha’s client is so full of money fears that she ignores her bills when they come in the mail, even though she can pay them. When her utilities get shut off for non-payment, she turns to Martha for help. Martha helps this client find some practical solutions, then guides her through her bag-lady fears. Along the way, Martha explains the nature of money, and helps the client understand how worrying about money actually creates poverty. By the conclusion of the coaching session, the client has a game plan for organizing her paperwork, paying her bills, and attracting abundance into her life.

This recording is a must for anyone who envisions becoming a bag lady, is afraid to think about money, or avoids paying their bills. It’s also a powerful lesson in how to coach yourself or a client through these classic fears.

$10. 60 minute recording. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file. Transcript file included for download.

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Weight Loss For Smart Women Weight Loss For Smart Women.*

Have you tried everything and still struggle with losing weight? Lose the drama and the weight. In eight 60 minute classes, learn the most effective weight loss tools on the planet from Martha Beck’s The Four Day Win and Brooke Castillo’s If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight? methodologies. It’s thinner peace.

With Master Life Coaches Brooke Castillo and Susan Hyatt, two premier experts in women’s weight loss.

$39. Eight (8) Recordings. Each class 60 minutes. Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

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How To Clean Up Your Whole Life How To Clean Up Your Whole Life.*

A telecourse led by Martha Beck. The pile of papers in your office, the long-unworn clothes clogging your closet, the tiny frozen quiches that have been in your freezer since the Carter administration…they’re all cluttering your outer life, but they’re also hogging a portion of your inner life.

Back in 1994, psychologist Thomas Moore wrote that your living space is a three-dimensional self-portrait. Its less-than-pristine places mirror tangles in your mind and energy, and you can’t clean up one without cleaning up the other.

In this teleclass, Martha will help listeners bring order and openness to their minds and homes. Once you learn the techniques for de-cluttering your mental landscape, the clutter in your home tends to evaporate—for good.

$10. Single Recording. 90-minutes. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file

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Anxiety Relief Meditation Anxiety Relief Meditation.*

Join Martha in a mini-meditation that you can listen to whenever you want to relieve stress or anxiety. The meditation is accompanied by soothing background music to enhance the experience.

I’ve used this meditation myself! Highly effective in calming the mind and body.

$10. 20 minute recording. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file. Transcript file included for download.

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Awaken Your Natural Intuition: How to Tune It In and Turn It On Awaken Your Natural Intuition: How to Tune It In and Turn It On.*

Presented by Master Coach Terry Demeo. Gut feeling. Inner knowing. Hunch. Sixth sense. We’ve all experienced those moments that defy logic and reason. But exactly what’s going on, and does it mean you should immediately move to the Australian outback or ditch your day job to enroll in hot air balloon design school?

Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

Whether you want to know more about intuition, want to get more of it, or want to understand how and when to trust it, Master Coach Terry DeMeo will guide you to understand your own natural intuitive abilities and share her toolkit of intuition-building tools, strategies, and practices.

$10. Single-session Recording. 1 hour 45 minutes. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file.

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How To Create A Vision Board How To Create A Vision Board.*

Vision boards are your beautiful intentions in visual form. Your vision board is as unique as you are, filled with your own dreams and desires.

Join Martha Beck and Certified Coach Theresa Andersen as they discuss the process of creating a Starlight Vision Board.

$10. 35 minute recording. Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file. Transcript file included for download.

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program How to End the Cycle of Abuse and Start Living the Wonderful Life that You DO Deserve.*

Melanie Tonia Evans is the creator of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, a 10 Step Healing Process to End The Cycle of Abuse In Your Life.

I’ve been through the program myself, and highly recommend it.

It’s a downloadable program to be done in your own time, includes audio guides and worksheets, and entry to the private online forum.

This healing system has now saved thousands of people’s lives worldwide.

Your life can be more radiant, incredible, fulfilling and empowered than you could have ever believed possible as a result of this healing system.

Although her program focuses on narcissistic love relationships, note this healing system is effective and successful for ALL narcissistic relationships…including parents, siblings, friends, work associates, and is relevant for you regardless of your age, gender or whether you are straight or gay.

This healing system is not just one of recovery; it is about THRIVING after narcissistic abuse.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program is a specific step-by-step process which creates liberation from the deadly grips of narcissistic abuse.

One Time Payment of 195$AUD/ or Installments of 35$AUD over 6 months. Available in the U.S.

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The Wild New You E-Course With Martha Beck The Wild New You E-Course With Martha Beck.*

Are you ready for a Wild New You?

Join Martha for this four-session self-study eCourse based on Martha’s book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. The pre-recorded eCourse plus supporting materials are designed to help you reclaim your true nature. You’ll learn how to surf the ever-changing tides of your life rather than feeling swept away by the tsunami of change we’re all experiencing.

The Wild New You eCourse bundle includes:

Four class recordings with Martha, 90 minutes each. Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.
Lots of NEW concepts, exercises, and ideas Martha has learned since writing the book.
Printed transcripts of each recorded class. Delivered as downloadable PDF files.
One 24-page workbook including exercises and class recaps. Delivered as downloadable PDF files.
A closed Facebook group where you can connect with the rest of the Team!
BONUS! One recorded 60-minute Q&A session with Martha. Delivered as downloadable MP3 files.
Here’s what Martha has to say about this eCourse:
Hello, Wayfinders!

I’m writing to you from my ranch in the mountains of Central California that I manifested using the very technologies of magic I write about in Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. As I perfect my wild turkey call and issue heavy-duty tranquilizers to my citified dogs, it occurred to me that some of you might like some more in-depth help on how to use the technologies of magic.

I’ve heard from so many of you who have enjoyed the book and expressed a desire to learn more about how to implement all of the tools. I’ve recorded a four-week telecourse to take you deep into the technologies of magic and how to use them to reclaim your true nature and navigate this wild new world.

$129. Four (4), 90-minute recorded sessions(Mp3 Format, delivered by download). One (1) BONUS 60-minute Q&A recording(Mp3 Format, delivered by download) A 24-page workbook(PDF Format, delivered by download) Transcripts of each call recording(PDF Format – 5 files total, delivered by download) Access to the Wild New World Facebook group.

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