The World Needs Your Unique Expression Of Love Today!

We need all expressions of love in our world today.rainbow-657382_1280

The events of the past month have left us all emotionally reeling, from the tragic loss of human lives in a hate crime to the vicious physical degrading of one human being by another. It’s almost too much to bear. Throw in a historic election year, and the deluge of stress is monstrous.

As I watched the news of human suffering develop into polarized issues, I began feeling guilty for not joining the activists. Gun control was a hot topic, and although it seems like a pretty good idea to get the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous humans, I didn’t voice my opinion.

Not engaging on social media over these events may make me appear detached, but nothing is farther from the truth.

My first reaction to the horrible events was shock and horror.

My second reaction was to sink into Spirit. An almost involuntary wave of love, healing, and light pulsed out from my center, along with a prayer that the living would find healing, and that the souls passing from the world in such a violent manner would find their way to peace.

We’re diverse in our reactions to human tragedy. Some will feel the call to do Spirit work behind the scenes while some will get fired up to act in the world. Both are equally valid.

As we continue to evolve in our acceptance of diversity, it’s important to recognize how diverse we are in the way we bring
healing to the world


Some are meant to be activists.heart-642068_1280

Some are meant to be prayer warriors.

Some are meant to hold space for the suffering.

Some are meant to love their neighbor.

Some are meant to care for those left behind.

Some are meant to make us think.

Some are meant to be spiritual guardians.

Some are meant to ask for help.

Some are meant to activate love.

Each one of us has a gift that can heal the world.

Changing the world starts with caring for the humans in our own back yards, as fully as we can. Not just family or close friends, but the neighborhood of suffering human beings that we pass by every day as we go about our daily business.

Our open and vulnerable hearts can change the world.

There’s no question that we, as humans, are becoming aware of the need to be caring neighbors to each other, locally and globally.water-863053_1280

For whatever reason, our experience on this plane of existence includes the energy of love and the energy of hate. Just as we can’t bring a handful of darkness into a lighted room and make it dark, a handful of hate can’t extinguish the blazing love in our world.

Let’s keep the faith that love and light will eventually flood our world.

Practice your gifts in the name of love.

Be an activist in the name of love.

Pray in the name of love.

Meditate in the name of love.

Most importantly, be a human, wife, husband, parent, sister, brother, lover, friend, neighbor, all in the name of love.

The light of love can heal pain and fear.

Heal your own pain in the name of love. There is nothing more important for the healing of our world.


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